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Arnaldo Auld Public School in Constelation Bight
There are 620 students in grades K-6 with morning and afternoon sessions.

This is the Public School in Constelation Bight

This classrooms need safety bars on the windows

620 children must share these bathrooms

Many chairs need repair

Many classrooms don't have windows and the rain joins the children

Old Classroom

The School desparately needs the following items
  • To build a storage shed (cost $7,000)
  • To repair the roof on 4 classrooms (cost $1080)
  • 4 air conditioners
  • 20 computers (PC's)
  • Large copy machine (Thanks to the Jam Cruise &Lebo we no longer need a copier)
  • Several computer printers
  • Reading books for children in english
  • Musical instruments for a Marching Band
  • Copy paper, pencils, composition notebooks, backpacks, and crayons
  • Vitamins
  • Childrens clothes
  • black shoes and white socks for boys and girls