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Roatan Children's Fund Spring Fundraiser

Greetings from Roatan Children's Fund!

You may be wondering about the whimsically decorated van above with
the words "Bookmobile" and "Biblioteca ambulante" painted on the side. 
Well, that's exactly why we're contacting you!!  RCF is proud to announce
its plans to purchase this vehicle and stock it with hundreds of books for
the benefit of children in Roatan, Honduras, the country considered most
poor in Central America.  And we need YOUR help to bring this plan to fruition!

You may know that non-profit Roatan Children's Fund is committed to advancing education and providing relief to poor, distressed and underprivileged children living in Roatan, Honduras.  By offering this assistance, we are offering the means for Roatanese children to profoundly change their own lives and those of generations ahead of them.  With an education and bilingual ability in Spanish and English, they are better qualified for higher paying jobs as adults and thus can substantially improve their living standard within their lifetime. 

Access to children needing assistance has been much easier in densely populated areas like French Harbor, but we have been sorely challenged to reach children in the outlying areas of Roatan where all resources, including schools and transportation, are terribly lacking.  It is in these more remote areas that it is especially critical to provide learning opportunities to the children of Roatan.  

To that end the Roatan Children's Fund needs your financial support to purchase the above Bookmobile stocked with all kinds of books for children in Spanish and English.  We will also pay for the driver and one additional person whose responsibilities will include reading to children at stops throughout the countryside.  Children may also check out books and will be given a reward incentive to return them when the van comes back at a later date.  For some children on Roatan, our Bookmobile will be their first direct access to books!

We estimate that the total cost for this service will be $30,000.  All monetary contributions to RCF go 100% directly into the programs operated
by us in Roatan and are tax deductible.  We ask that you consider making a donation now through the Pay Pal link below to help us purchase our Bookmobile.  No amount is too small (or too big)!

For further information about Roatan Children's Fund, a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation since 2006, please go to our website at www.roatanchildrensfund.com.   Thank you!

Should you have further questions about this fund, please feel free to send your email to lynn@roatanchildrensfund.com. Thank you for your support and we wish you all the best.

Yours sincerely,

Roatan Children's Fund

Please help the children of Roatan by making a
Tax Deductible Donation.


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